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Pressed for Time now offers decontamination cleaning services

In these changing times we realise that highly specialised hygiene cleaning is imperative to many businesses, agencies and homeowners.

Your homes and office spaces were kept clean during the Covid-19 pandemic when we implemented a new layer of hygiene to our already detailed cleaning skills. We have now built on the knowledge we gained through that training by adding biohazard and decontamination cleaning to our services.

Training with Ultima Cleaning Services, our team is now prepared to face any circumstance which requires a specialist’s approach, and are trusted by the following, to leave the premises in a hygienic and decontaminated condition:

  • City and county councils

  • Police stations

  • Social housing area managers

  • Care homes

  • Animal rescue charities

  • Public transport providers

  • Homeowners

Decontamination of buildings requires discretion and sensitivity, as you may be dealing with a situation that is highly distressing and upsetting. Rest assured we are prepared for any situation and act only with the highest sense of care for the people involved.

When to call decontamination cleaners

From an intoxicated passenger in a taxi, to a forensic crime scene, Pressed for Time Cleaning Services is prepared for any eventuality:

  • Hoarder cleaning

  • Cleaning of properties where death has occurred through any circumstance

  • Crime scenes

  • Contamination through bodily fluids

  • Heavy animal faeces cleaning – indoors and out

  • Bird dropping removal

We supply a minimum of two cleaners per call-out, however all our staff have received the same standard of training. We provide all PPE equipment, cleaning apparatus and chemicals, and ensure safe removal of contaminated items.

If you would like to discuss our decontamination cleaning service with us in the utmost confidence, please contact us on or 01865 346388.

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