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March Out

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RAF Brize Norton

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RAF Lyneham

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Pressed for Time specialises in March Out cleaning for your military quarters. The Brize Norton RAF base serves 5,800 military personnel and their families, all beholden to the exacting standards of the military. As an occupant of Service Families Accommodation (SFA) it is your responsibility to ensure the property is ready for inspection by the Local Accommodation Officer before you leave.


Moving home is well known to be one the most stressful situations to cope with. Added to the pressure of moving is the stress of being posted to a new town and taking your skills to unfamiliar surroundings with unfamiliar people.


In preparation for your March Out and to ease the pressure of the move, we ensure your home meets those exact cleanliness standards, promising nothing is left uncleaned or unchecked, protecting your insurance and preventing any post-move charges.


The standard of March Out cleaning required, before inspection is detailed below, as provided by the Ministry of Defence’s Pre Move Out Advisory Leaflet for SFA in England and Wales:



✓Carpets: Vacuumed, stain removal and free of infestation (where pets have been living).

✓ Floors: Clean and free of marks.

✓ Radiators: No dust or finger marks, including behind.

✓ Walls: No stains or marks, except where picture hooks are left by agreement with the Housing Officer at the Pre-Move Out Advisory Visit.

✓ Woodwork: No dust or finger marks.

✓ Windows & Frames: Internal glass clean and all parts of the frames to be clean, free of mildew / mould, and all visible parts of the frame should be visibly clean when the window is open.

✓ Lighting: Clean and no dust

✓ Cob-webbed: Every room has cob-webs removed



✓ Bath, Sink & WC: Clean and free of lime scale, inside and out. Taps and underside of sink, clean and polished.

✓ Tiles: No finger or splash marks and free from mildew / mould between the tiles.



✓ Cookers: Grease free inside and out and free of carbon deposits. Cooker hoods and filters should be clean and grease free.

✓ Cooker Frame & Surrounds: Clean and grease free, underneath and behind. Work Surfaces Clean (including edges and underneath)

✓ Tiles: No finger, splash or grease marks.

✓ Sink: Clean and free of limescale, inside and out.

✓ Cupboards: Clean inside and out.



✓ Garages: Swept, empty and free of cobwebs.

✓ Rubbish Bins: Clean inside and out.

✓ Sheds: Swept, empty, clean and free of cobwebs.


Let us take care of all those detailed March Out cleaning tasks while you take of care of everything else.

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