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Post Building Clean

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The Cotswolds

Have you spent months or even years planning that incredible building or renovation project for your home? We’re willing to bet you didn’t expect quite so much dust and mess, and that you’re amazed by how far it goes.


Pressed for Time consists of a team of ten dedicated and professional experts at post building cleaning, who always arrive on time. We are a thorough lot and always start at the top and work our way down, whatever the job, we never leave anything uncleaned.


More than that, we love the challenge that builders cleans bring us, so why not get help with that dirty job so you can get on with the job of accessorising and enjoying your beautiful new space?


It will be a natural reaction to say goodbye to the builders and get the vacuum cleaner straight out of the cupboard. However, we would recommend that you ‘let the dust settle’ for at least a day, just to make sure that you don’t waste your time and money on cleaning surfaces that will just get dusty again straight after your efforts.

There is no set time limit for a builders clean, it all depends on the initial assessment of the job, during which we will be able to confirm our quote before carrying out the following duties:



Removal of larger pieces of debris, generally using brushes and dustpans and deposition to your domestic bin.

Surfaces and walls: The first pass in post building cleaning of surfaces and walls is done with damp cloths and eco-friendly detergents. The heavier grime and dirt is more efficiently removed and the precipitation of dust is greatly reduced.



Cement dust can be very damaging to your vacuum cleaner, so we use our own vacuum cleaners to thoroughly clean all your carpets, upstairs and down, even if the work was only undertaken on one floor of your home. We will also follow with a shampoo if required.

Hard floors: Pressed for Time is familiar with every type of hard flooring you can get. However we will require the manufacturer’s details to ensure your hard floors are cared for according to their recommendations.



It is recommended that large or heavy curtains are taken to a dry cleaner for a professional deep clean of the material. Our Pressed for Time cleaners will vacuum the curtains in situ, in preparation for this and take of the dry cleaning requirements.

Soft furnishings: Pressed for Time post building cleaning services includes washing and ironing of loose furniture covers, cushion covers and lighter weight curtains (according to the label instructions). We can also make the dry cleaning arrangements if required.


Following building or renovation work, Pressed for Time’s cleaners will return your home - not to its former glory - but to its brand new glory, allowing you to spend your time concerning yourself with how you will make the most of your newly acquired space.

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