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Working for Pressed for Time – What’s so good about it anyway?

We’re looking for excellent cleaning staff at the moment, so we thought we would share why you’d like to work for an excellent cleaning company!

Cleaning is not an easy job and we understand that; Sam Allen, founder and MD has been working in the business since she founded it in 2015 and is not too proud to roll up her sleeves and go to work with everyone else.

The fact that Sam still takes jobs is just one of the reasons her band of cleaners love working for her. We asked for some feedback to find out exactly what the other reasons were...


‘I can do the school run and getting paid weekly really helps me manage the money.’

‘There’s no pressure to work over the school holidays.’

‘Super flexible around my kids, other jobs and partner.’


‘Although we aren’t a team that works together every day, we can still rely on each other to work to the same standards and communicate with each other well.’

‘There’s no embarrassment in asking for help.’

‘I don’t feel rushed when doing a job, we just work until it’s done which takes the pressure off being restricted by time.’

Team work

‘The staff are all lovely and friendly and will help each other out. We all take pride in what we do for people in their homes.’

‘It feels really good to work for a company that has an outstanding reputation and standards. I’m proud to be part of the PFT team ’

‘Love the people I work with and we always have such a laugh! Everybody is willing to help each other regardless of the job.’

The benefits of working with Pressed for Time

Now you know what the team think of working with us, here’s more about what we offer...

benefits of working for Pressed for Time in bullet points

All employees are offered flexible working hours to fit around your lives. That may mean you work part time, full time, or even changeable weeks depending on partner’s shift or overseas posting patterns.

You will ideally have some previous cleaning experience, but we train everybody who works for us. Pressed for Time has an excellent track record for passing Military March Out cleaning standards, so you will become grade A cleaners by joining our team!

Weekly payment at £9/hr means you can manage your finances knowing that you’ll have a regular income each and every week. And you don’t even need to have your own cleaning kit. We provide it for you, fully sanitised and topped up, every morning. However, if you prefer to use your clients’ equipment and products, that’s fine too, depending on the arrangement with our homeowners. Just know that you will never be asked to lug your own kit around.

Do you get that Friday Feeling?! We make sure that every week one of staff certainly does, with our end of week celebration. Each week, we ask one of our team to send us a photo of themselves with some ‘getting-to-know-you’ questions which we post on Facebook. By way of thanks, we send a treat back. Often it’s a cake for the weekend, a bottle of plonk or something the whole family can enjoy.

Are you ready to join the team? Contact Sam on the details above, or have a look at our Facebook page for more inspiration. Pressed for Time is growing and we want you to join us!

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